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Number Portability

Number Portability is essentially the ability to retain your number as you change service, geography or service provider.  In reality, most of the focus is on service provider portability in fixed and mobile services.

In Europe, all CPs must provide number portability but it is a far from simple process and there is much more to it than just the actual call-routing.  Service providers must assess the impact of NP in a number of different areas, including:

  • Porting Processes & Procedures
  • Porting Handling
  • Records
  • Billing
  • Faults
  • Order Volumes
  • Auditing,
  • Directory Enquiries

We can advise CPs on the importance of these areas and what they need to address as they set up their internal NP arrangements.  This is especially valuable to new or smaller CPs without dedicated resources in-house.

Assistance can be provided for specific in-house projects, ad hoc regulatory advice or on a regular basis on a retainer basis.  Contact Us if you have an enquiry or would like more information.