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Simplifying Non-Geographic Numbers

Ofcom initiated a Strategic Review of Non-Geographic Numbers in 2010 in response to concerns that consumers were confused about what these numbers meant and how much calls cost. Following four rounds of consultation with industry from 2010 to 2013, Ofcom published its Policy Position in April 2013 and its Final Statement in December 2013.

After carrying out public consultations on simplifying non-geographic numbers, Ofcom decided to implement some significant changes which will make it much easier for consumers to understand how much they are paying for calls and who receives the money.  This process is referred to as ‘unbundling.’

These changes are likely to affect every phone user and require changes by telecoms companies and organisations which use these numbers.  This has important ramifications for CPs who need to be aware of how these changes will affect them and what action they must take before implementation in 2015.

We have been tracking this strategic review and advising CPs on:

  • Compliance with Ofcom timetable
  • Commercial implications of new service charges
  • CPs downstream marketing obligations (their customers’ obligations)
  • Contract implication both retail and wholesale
  • Billing system requirements
  • Payphone plus implications

We can provide regulatory support assistance on an ad hoc or regular retainer basis.  Contact Us if you have an enquiry or would like more information.